Shoreview boy gets gold-medal gift SHOREVIEW — The Winter Olympics have been done for about a month, but Jet Feirn will be acting out the exploits of his favorite Olympian for years to come.
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The Boss: Still Minding the Mill Bob Moore, founder and chief executive of Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods in Milwaukie, Ore.
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The Search: How to Rebound From a Wrong Career Choice Many young people can be steered into careers and discover much later that the choice was wrong.
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My Biz: Dubuque candy company expanding Drew Siegert bought Betty Jane Homemade Candies, Dubuque’s long-running family chocolate business, on July 1, 2011.The Heinz Family, which started the candy company in 1938, ran it up until the time Siegert purchased it. He said Betty Jane Homemade Candies had been a fond part of his childhood.“When I was growing up in Dubuque, Betty Jane’s Candies was the candy,” he said.After graduating from the University of Iowa in 2007, Siegert went to work for Overhead Door in Chicago, where he quickly moved into management. But he realized that employment path wasn’t for him. “I’d always wanted to be a business owner — I always had that entrepreneurial bug,” he said. “So when my dad called me and said Betty Jane Candies was up for sale, I felt it was a much better fit for me, so I jumped at the opportunity.”Betty Jane Candies has two Dubuque locations and one store in Lindale Mall in Cedar Rapids. Siegert said the company is expanding its presence and developing wholesale partnerships throughout Eastern Iowa.“We are currently focusing on pursuing qualified wholesalers in the Quad-Cities area, Des Moines as well as Cedar Rapids,” he added. The company’s confectionary offerings have recently had some key recognition as well. The confectioner’s signature gremlins, caramels and English almond toffees were included in the 2014 Oscars Gift Bags given out in Hollywood recently, and “People” magazine’s holiday entertaining issue named the candy the top culinary gift in the state of Iowa.The candy business is seasonal and the number of employees flows with the needs.“It depends on the time of year,” Siergert said. “We basically depend on four major annual events for our revenue for the year. Caramel apple season in the fall, Christmas is our biggest one, then Valentine’s Day and Easter, which is our second largest holiday.”The company employs between 30 to 40 full- and part-time employess during its busy season. In the off seasons, it employs 15 to 20 people, he said. “The process for our Easter items involves most of the company,” he said, “But when it comes to rimming the eggs, two of our chefs and I do that work.”The trio recently worked 8 to 9 hours a day for nearly two weeks, rimming the 4,000 chocolate eggs that will sell out before Easter, along with the 3,600 bunnies they also make.Antique metal molds that are at least 50 years old are used during the casting process, which takes two to three weeks. They fill the molds and chill them before “popping” the finished product from each mold. Then they shave and smooth the edges in preparation for the decorative chocolate rimming and final decoration phase, which is all done by hand.“A very high percentage of people who buy our Easter products, are people that grew up with them. Grandma gave Betty Jane Candies as a gift and those families continue that trend for their families today,” he said.Know a manager or company in business for more than a year that would be ideal for “My Biz”? Contact Chelsea Keenan at Chelsea.keenan@sourcemedia.netAt a glanceOwner: Drew SiegertCompany: Betty Jane Homemade Candies Inc.Address: Lindale Mall, Cedar RapidsCorporate Address: 3049 Asbury Road, DubuquePhone: (563) 582-4668Website:
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Gifts for bicyclists.
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Corner Office: To MasterCard’s Retiring Chief, the X Factor is Presence Robert W. Selander, who is retiring this week as chief executive of MasterCard, says it is important for leaders to relate to stakeholders at different levels of their companies.
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Career Couch: Avoiding Collisions of Church and the Workplace When it comes to religious expression at work, employers must balance the interests of the business with their employees’ beliefs, workplace experts say.
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The Boss: Joel Peresman, Drawn to the Music At the age of 6, Joel Peresman saved 63 cents to buy his first single record. Now he is C.E.O. of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation.
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The Navy's unmanned helicopters and railgun On or about April 9, 2014 Geobeats shared their video report on unmanned Navy helicopters and their railgun development. Unlike an unmanned drone the Navy's unmanned helicopters do not need constant command and control. &nbsp...
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Radical Abortion Bill Dies in Colo. Senate By CNA/EWTN NEWS | DENVER — Amid growing protests, led in large part by the Catholic Church, the Colorado Senate on April 16 killed a controversial bill that could have banned all pro-life laws in the state. “Lift up your hearts in gratitude to...
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Operation Slow Down begins today RALEIGH — Beginning today, the North Carolina Highway Patrol will be stepping up their attention when it comes to excessive speeding during its annual Operation Slow Down 2014 campaign. Operation Slow Down, which begins on Monday, April 14 and ends on Sunday, April 20, was created in an effort to reduce traffic collisions across the state. The campaign will be conducted in combination with the Governor's Highway ...
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